Thursday, May 17, 2012

My 10 Best Mom Moments

  • When I'm going to the restroom and everyone has to witness the act. They all crowd in there like a packed nightclub, I might as well dim the lights and install a disco ball.
  • How saying "Don't drop that" triggers an immediate dropping response.
  • Getting settled into a hot bubble bath to relax when my son walks in with his big tug boat full of bath toys, strips down and gets right in.
  • How as soon as he gets into said bath, he immediately pees in the tub.
  • When flow comes to town, of couse everyone needs to be in the bathroom, my son lays down on the floor, looking up between my legs, "Mom, are you dying?".
  • Getting to the check out, pulling out my wallet, only to realize that my credit cards have been swiped by a 2 ft. tall kleptomaniac.
  • Sharing my water, only to get it back cloudy and with food particles left in it.
  • Poop. The amount of it and how it always manages to get on my hands.
  • Enjoying a nice hike in the woods or fishing by the river and my son looks up at me, "Mommy, I have to poop."...
  • When my son is spazzing out and I go to grab for my coffee cup, but it is magically empty.

1 comment:

  1. My kid is 9 and I still don't share my drinks with him and I don't shut the door to the restroom (when I'm home!) He doesn't ever need me until that door is shut! Come to think of it... sometimes the door doesn't stay shut when I use yours either... that 2 foot tall tornado usually has to tell me something too!