Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 16 - A new way of doing things.

After shutting off the TV, we were like, what do we do? We've had to adjust how we spend our time and I wanted to write an update and brag about how we are spending our "quality" time. First of all, we now have breakfast, lunch and dinner quietly at the kitchen table, he's plays quietly by himself, nap time is back and bed time is going smooth. I sit with the Wild Thing for about an hour a day working on letters, numbers, colors and shapes. I had to take a video for Wonderful, because I knew that he wouldn't believe me. The Wild Thing sat at the table for a whole hour!! Hello?! Is this my kid? We've got the following letters of the alphabet down pat: A, E, I, O, Q... I know another mom whose little boy is a year younger than Wild Thing, and he can recognize the entire alphabet. She's been doing a terrific job with him, and when I found out it made me feel like I've been slacking big time. Ok... ok... it's all good, it's not like he'll never get into Harvard because he didn't know his alphabet at 2. He still knows A LOT about many many other things... I just really want to work on reading because it was something that I fell behind on as a kid, so I did the same thing that my mother did, I ordered hooked on phonics. I'm excited to see how that goes,  I noticed it came with DVDs, so I don't know how it's going to play into our no TV thing.

We're still 100% on the TV ban. Ok, 99%... He asked if he could use the paint program on my iPhone yesterday, so I let him play with it. Twinkle Toes needed a diaper change, and I ran upstairs to change her and I start to hear voices. What th-?! I come down stairs and he's watching Curious George on the PBS app that I had downloaded a while back. I grabbed it and shut it off right away. He couldn't have watched more that 30 seconds of it... I deleted the app. He's found an outlet for his movies though. A while back he got a book with 22 Disney Classics all rolled into one. It has The Little Mermaid, Lady & The Tramp, The Lion King, Cinderella, etc. He sits there for hours looking at this book. It's his way to still connect to the characters from the movies without watching TV. It's pretty cute.

That about covers it. Things are still going really great! We also got some exciting news that Wonderful is getting to do something really cool soon and that means that we'll be moving back to the West Coast for a year. We've got more fun adventures ahead of us...

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