Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visual guide for making your own stupid chicken stuff without spending any money.

Remember how I said "Chickens. Nothing else."? Well, I'm determined to make this F.R.E.E. Here's how:

The Wild Thing named the one on the left Lola and Wonderful named the one on the right Abigail or "Abbey".
Me with one of them... I was trying to get Wild Thing to hold it, but no go.
I tried to see if I could eliminate the chicken problem by leaving the chicks with Dexter and he chickened out. Ha! Lame.
How to make a self filling waterer:

A pie pan... you know you've got one.
And a coffee can or anything similar. Drill little holes in the side of the top of the rim. Fill with water, cover the top with the pie pan and flip over. It will create suction and make a self waterer. It's really simple. That's why it took us 2 hours to figure it out.
How to make the chicken feeder:

Take a another small coffe container. (Can you tell that we collect these things?)
You will need a drill and those hole drilling thingys.
You want a size that is bigger than the chick's head so that he can eat of ouf it, but not too big because you don't want him in the feeder. He'll contaminate the food with his massive amount of pooping.
Drill ready. My father-in-law sells Snap On. I love the tools he sends!!
Drill a hole high enough that you can put a good amount of food in it, but low enough that the chick can reach it.
Clean up the hole with an exacto knife.
I made 2 holes on this little feeder.
I also made a bigger feeder for outside. I should have made the holes and inch or 2 higher. I'll probably remake one as they get bigger-- if they survive.
We're using a plastic bin that we already had to keep them in at night (they need to stay warm) and the feeder and waterer that we made seem to be working out pretty well. I made a mess with the food.
The Guinea Pig cage that we found. We cleaned it up and put shredded paper and hay in there. The chicks aren't quite ready to be in here, but it's set up and didn't cost us a dime. And yes, we're the kind of freaks with hay on hand... In our defense, this is a perfect example of how you never know when you'll need it.
I figure that all of that junk mail and old magazines that we get in the mail will finally go to good use as bedding for the chickens. See... UPCYCLE!!

Our Urban Farm and Dexter.

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  1. Thank you! We got 18 chickens for a project in school for my 16 year old son and this really helped!