Sunday, April 22, 2012

Freaks - And Happy Earth Day

I'm pretty aware of the fact that we are nothing like the rest of the people that we know. Is it my fault that we don't share the same interests? Maybe it's because I was an only child and I'm a little socially awkward, or maybe we're just so intelligent that everyone else can't keep up. The latter would be preferable but highly unlikely. Either way, to everyone else, we're freaks. Growing up in Texas, we called people like us Tree Huggin' Hippies. My family was convinced that the school system had a liberal agenda by hosting assemblies to "Save the Rainforest" and participate in Earth Day activities. After moving to California, one of my friends put it perfectly, "In Texas you stand out, but in California, you blend right in.". We're not in California anymore and here on the East Coast we are surrounded by people from all over the country and all walks of life. Our community is a bit of a melting pot.

My cheeks still get hot to think about it, but a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to another mom about cloth diapering and she laughed at me. Like a child who can't contain the giggle, laughed at me. Are you for real?! COME ON!! I asked her what was so funny and she didn't have anything. Of course not. There's not a lot of really great arguments against it. I know what was going on... She didn't have to say it, she thought it was gross. This isn't the first occurrence either. We got a dirty look from someone once for not having paper towels. "What else do you use?"... a cloth towel. Every time we bring up composting, we have to explain it-- take your food scraps, put it in a bin, close it and viola! dirt. The way we eat comes under scrutiny too. I told someone once that we don't eat fast food. Her reply: "What else do you eat?". My favorite comment still to this day: "I heard that organic food makes you poop a lot.". I sure hope so! When I started doing yoga, people plugged in their comments: "I tried it once and I couldn't stop laughing.", "I'm always afraid that I'm going to fart.". Nobody puts anything past us either, as if the Wonderful's will do anything weird. Let me think of how to explain this... Let's say you told your friend that you were going to fly home for Christmas and his reply was: So... You're going to build yourself a set of wooden wings and jump from the Empire State Building? It's pretty obvious that that person thinks your a complete dumb ass. I always let it go. I have to. I know that I'm not a dumb ass... I just don't have the time and the energy to teach them all of my immense knowledge about being green. And we're not even THAT green! I have seen some extremes out there and trust me, we're not living in some hippie compound pooping in a bucket. *Although, I'm not going to lie, what they are doing is pretty awesome.* We're completely average Americans that use electricity, toilets and the internet.

I'm prepping myself up here because I know it's coming. I know that we're going to catch a lot of heat for the chickens. -- Any why? I don't think we're very different from my grandparents or our ancestors from a hundred years ago. My grandpa is an amazing man. He saw the great depression as a kid and I think it shaped who he is. He had a section of the yard blocked off where he had a decent sized garden. He took the dog's droppings and used it as fertilizer... and we ate the food from that garden. *Hello! Still living* One Easter my grandpa brought home 2 bunny rabbits that made tons of baby bunny rabbits to which we learned why you should never play with baby bunny rabbits. Another Easter grandpa brought home a dozen colored chicks. No idea where he got them, but they were so cute! *You should never dye chicks by the way* We raised them and one of them turned into a rooster and crowed every morning at 5:30. Mind you, they lived in a small house inside Houston city limits. This wasn't the country. -- My grandpa couldn't keep all of the chickens so he sent 2 home with my mom and I. We hadn't the slightest clue what to do with them and we lived in a tiny apartment, so while we were gone that day, we thought that they'd be safe in the storage shed on a very, very hot Texas day. When we came home... the poor guys... and their slouchy necks. It was very sad... they didn't survive. -- My grandpa believed anything could be fixed with duct tape *true statement* and that the mold on bread and cheese could be simply scraped off and eaten. The bread and the cheese, not the mold! *See, I have to explain that stuff!* He taught me the perfect technique for catching lizards... you find one and sit very quiet and still so that he forgets you're there and then you quickly *and gently*, grab him behind the neck. I have pictures of me, age 5, with a chameleon sitting on my shoulder and a piece of string tied around his neck for a leash.

Okay... Now that I've gone back and read this... We're total freaks. If you too, are a freak and you go against the social norm to have a better quality of life, let that freak flag fly because life's just too short to live it for other people.

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