Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 2 - 10% Calmer.

Wild Thing:
Activity #2: Learning Games. Our family has sent us tons of them, it's time we utilize them. I just finished playing a game of letter bingo with Wild Thing. Go on and read it again-- It's that amazing! He actually sat down and played a whole 2 games with me. No frog hopping, no squirming, no crying. The benefit of shutting off the TV is already starting to show through. My expectations are realistic: He's a 3 year old and I don't expect him to sit down and not move all day. I just want him to tone it down enough so that I can spend some time with him. He's still wild, he's only calmed down about 10%. I'm cool with that. It's also becoming obvious just how smart he is. He learned 5 letters during the bingo game. I feel like his learning opportunities just became endless and I can finally be the mom that I set out to be.

Potential Problems:
I found a problem with our plan. When the Wild Thing and I came home from running errands, he saw our neighbor outside and immediately ran over there. She is very open with letting Wild Thing come over and play with her daughter any time he wants, and this is great because she's a girl wild thing and they can be obnoxious together at someone else's house! So, I proceeded inside, quietly minding about my business when it hit me. Shoot! He could be watching TV over there! I sent Wonderful over there right away to retrieve our child. But I can't shield him forever... I've already lost the organic food battle when he plays with other kids. What's next?

The Family:
I think that the whole family is even impacted by it. Wonderful and I are more productive, the house is back to being spotless, and it's really quiet -- aside from the chicken chirping. There hasn't been chaos in a 2 days, but I'm waiting for it...

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