Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is my first official, un-official blog post. My reasoning behind this: I'm SO over Facebook. It seems that my favorite people have come to this realization long before me and I'm left looking at posts that are either self obsessed or extremely angry and opinionated. Either I'm making all the wrong "Facebook Friends" or Facebook has created a bunch of monsters. Fact of the mater is I still want to keep my family and friends updated while "signing out". This is a trial run... Fingers crossed as I jump right into this Blogdom.

I'm a married, out of work graphic designer, stay at home mother of 2 who is really passionate about just about everything. There's no point in doing something if you're not going to go all the way, right? Wrong... I'm totally A.D.D. and I so passionately dive into something, master it, and BOOM! I'm bored. Luckily my family is absolutely crazy, keeping me always on my toes. We're always up to some kind of shenanigans, switching between city life, eating fabulous food and shopping *window shopping of course-- we're not rich* to outdoors life, gardening, hiking and fishing.

My Family:
First, there is the hubs... I've got to give him a code name, let's try Mr. Wonderful... well duh, because he is! We're total best friends and he's an absolute blast to be around. My son... this code name is much easier, The Wild Thing. He is a stubborn 3 years old; he's all over the place, and the happiest kid that you will ever meet. They make a nice term for kids like him, spirited. Get my point? My daughter... code name, Twinkle Toes. I came up with this one in utero, because after carrying around wild thing, it seemed so appropriate. She's 9 months and it's a little too early to define her personality. She's just chill, happy and makes me smile A LOT. Our newest addition is Dexter *no code name required* the dog, he's more of a puppy really. As the world's worst dog owners, we're trying to get this one right. He's hypoallergenic and he's great with the kids. This one's a keeper.

And that's that.